My wife and I are Senior Citizens, both in the age groups of 65 - 70 year old California residents. We have always loved the ocean, and spent many of our weekends, holidays, and leisure time along the lovely coast areas of Southern California, and even as far north as Pismo Beach and Shell Beach to the North.

We dreamed someday to be able to afford to live at the beach, or, at least to retire on or near the beach to spend our senior years in beauty, great weather, and the to be able to enjoy the sounds and smells and serenity of the ocean.

We learned very recently, and to our shock and amazement, that in Southern California, there is no available, or affordable beach property for anyone except the very, very rich. We are not in that category. We were aware we were totally unable to afford our "dream" to live near the beach.

One wonderful weekend in Rosarita, we met a very honest real estate broker/saleswoman, and within a few hours are hearts were beating in happiness, because it was becoming clear that we very well would be able to see our dream of living close to the ocean come true. In fact, it was becoming quite real that we would be able to live ON the beach, almost.

With honesty, integrity, and our interests at heart, the sales person showed us and explained details to us about La Elegancia. We realized this was a great opportunity, and that we had to made a decision quickly as prices were on the way up as sales were moving forward.

We decided to buy. We are soon to be the owners of a lovely 2 bedroom unit at La Elegancia, and we are so very happy that we have this opportunity at this time in our life to own, and to live in such a beautiful environment by the sea. We know the construction will be of the best and highest quality. We feel the builder is experienced, honest, and wants only the best quality for his buyers.

I wish everyone could own a unit in this soon to be magnificent building. And to be able to enjoy the quality of construction, and the beauty of the ocean and all it has to offer.

Sheldon H. Schwartz
Los Angeles, CA.

It is incredibly exciting to be a Purchaser of Le Elegancia, a premier quality condominium development rising on the shores of the Pacific in the Baha. With all it's amenities including a Pool on the 14th Floor with Lounge and Bar, it's 24/7 security etc., I cannot wait to be able to sit out on my very expansive Patio in the evening and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean after having spent a very relaxing day in the countryside visiting some local vineyards.

It is truly gratifying to see the reports on the progress of construction from the Developer and knowing that within 18 or so months, I will be able to start to enjoy a truly unforgettable living experience.

I hope that others will see the wisdom of this enduring investment. As someone who lives in the California Desert, the relief from the grueling heat in the summer will be an added bonus.

Paul Taylor
Palm Springs, CA.