• Who is the Developer of La Elegancia?
    The developer is GJL S. de R.L. de C.V.

  • Where is it located?
    The development is located at the Km 35+864 of the Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, 4 miles south from the Rosarito Beach Hotel

  • How many units does the development have?
    It has 107 units

  • How many pools does La Elegancia have?
    It has 2 pools, 1 family pool located in the 1st level and 1 exclusive adult, roof top pool in the 16th floor.

  • When do I start paying for my financed balance?
    You start paying at the delivery of the unit, approximately on February 2009.

  • How many units have per floor?
    1st floor= 6 units and 1 lobby
    2-15th floor= 7 units per floor
    16-19th floor= 3 junior penthouses

  • Does La elegancia have storage space? How much does it cost?
    Yes, it has 20 storage spaces located at the parking lot, there will be a list of residents interested in storage space.

  • How many access doors does La Elegancia have, and where are they located?
    It only has one main entrance, it gives more security to the development.

  • Can I have pets?
    Yes you can have pets inside your unit up to 25 lbs.

  • Where will the Jacuzzi (s) be in La Elegancia?
    The jacuzzis will be: 2 in the family area where the pool is located and 1 jacuzzi in the 16th floor in the exclusive adult area.

  • Can I have escrow service?
    Yes, we work in cooperation with Stewart Title Baja and the cost of the escrow fee is $550.00 USD.

  • When can I resell my unit?
    You can resell it at anytime once the downpayment has been fully covered.
    * Restrictions apply

  • How many parking spaces do I get with my condo?
    You get 1 parking space for each unit

  • Are the blinds on the windows included?
    The blinds are not included, are offered as an upgrade.

  • What does my maintenance fee includes?
    It includes maintenance service for pools and Jacuzzis, housekeeping, gardening in common areas and 24/7 security.

  • Does my insurance policy have an extra cost?
    Yes, La Elegancia and Stewart Title Baja offers special rates to its clients.

  • What does my insurance policy cover?
    Protection from unforeseen problems concerning title; customized insurance policies suited to local market. Reduces the risk of losing property due to title defects, immediate financial recourse in the event of insured title defect and facilitates resale.

  • Is there a GYM at La Elegancia? Where is it located?
    Yes, the Oceanfront gym will be located in the Club House.

  • How many elevators does the development have?
    It has 2 elevators.

  • Does it have a water treatment plant?
    Yes it will have its own water treatment plant.

  • How tall are the ceilings?
    The units from level 1-15th have 9 ft. high ceilings and from the 16th level and up the ceilings 13ft. high.

  • Where will the access ramps be located?
    They will be located in the parking lot with direct access to the elevador.

  • What brand or line of appliances will be offered?
    GE or similar.

  • Do the pools have heating?
    Yes, the pools have heating

  • Will there be A/C in the units?
    No, the A/C system will be offered as upgrade.

  • Will the units have electric or gas installations?
    They will have electric installations, not gas.